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 i have been tagged on BOB's status..and i was the only girl in the status i guess @.@

 people that have been tagged on the status..THANKS bob..THANKS boys..THANKS FREES!

 amirah screenshots me.. =.=

 rusydi screenshots fathan..me repay rusydi! xD

 me screenshot haziq :P

 ija unmentions me @.@

prasing by junior,aminul :3

 quarrel with darwisy..always chase him at school when he acts arrogant >.<

 they called me chipmunk..new nickname..people agreed =..=

punched them on rapid xD


 gila imran ^_^

one of a caring junior :')

talking about FREES..here comes RYAN! >.<

a night talking about Form6 on Twitter :') 

favourited them on tweet :)

a small funny quarrel conversation!

 with geng PENDEK (FORM 2-HOKI)

 one of a sporting junior :)

 a day that i know them :'D

 their expections about me =..=

 with BAND members :)



Aku tak malu untuk luah apa yang aku rasa. Biar aku coret di sini sahaja sebagai pengganti bicara. #BukanKeranaAkuTakCinta. Assalamualaikum people ! Leave yours on my bigfoot thank you!

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